If you need more athletes, better membership retention, and higher profits in your gym, we KNOW SmartGym can help you.
What is SmartGym®?
SmartGym is the all-in-one website and Client Relationship Management (CRM) software for CrossFit gyms.

SmartGym is the marketing solution for box owners who want to organize, systemize, and grow their businesses.
SmartGym increases the performance of your website to help you capture more leads, nurture them, and generate new inquiries automatically. 

SmartGym gains your gym new athletes automatically with our tested and proven marketing systems. 

We achieve this by providing automated marketing systems that engage leads, active athletes, canceled athletes, and drop-ins to take action. 

Our marketing software automates personalized follow-ups and organizes your website visitors into sales categories so that no lead ever “falls through the cracks.” 
Our Results
CrossFit Miramar Beach
Destin, FL
Cody Kavanagh
 In less than two months after launching the SmartGym - CrossFit Miramar Beach gained 20 new athletes on full-time membership packages. 
TriPark CrossFit 
Sacramento, CA
Carly Cardenas
 Went from an average of two to three website inquiries a month to 20 website inquiries within the first six weeks. 
 17 of those inquiries attended Free Fitness Introductions 
 12 people signed up for the Fundamentals Program 
  Average increase in sales of $5,000!
CrossFit Epically Awesome
Fort Walton Beach, FL
John Reece
 In less than 14 days after launching CrossFit Epically Awesome generated: 
  17 new Drop-in sales 
  11 new Free Fitness Consultations.
Our Features
Custom Branded Website
Our main clients include CrossFit® Affiliate gyms.
CrossFit Epically Awesome
Fort Walton Beach, FL
TriPark CrossFit 
Sacramento, CA
CrossFit Incredible 
Menlo Park, CA
CrossFit M2 
Findlay, OH
Lead Magnets  
Our software comes pre loaded with free guides, checklists, and e-books. These lead magnets are designed and branded to suit your gym. We offer 12 different lead magnets that build trust and sell CrossFit’s methodology to website visitors in exchange for contact information. 
Automated Marketing Software 
 Pricing Request Opt-In - directs website visitors to submit contact information in exchange for pricing details.
 Automated E-mail Marketing Campaigns - specific for each membership phase (Lead, Active, and Canceled) of your athlete’s life cycle. All e-mails have been ghostwritten by professional copywriters who write for the CrossFit Journal.  
 SmartSurveys - triggered to be sent at various membership life cycle intervals. All survey questions are can be customized, and surveys are branded to suit your gym.
 Sales Pipeline Tracking System - for Incoming Athletes and Personal Training Clients - SmartGym displays a dashboard so you can clearly track and move all incoming leads through your sales pipeline. 
 Schedule Booking Calendar - Add times you wish to accept new member appointments. This calendar displays on your website for visitors to automatically schedule sessions at your gym. 
 Upsells — SmartGym will automatically present upsell opportunities to your athletes into Personal Training programs, apparel, supplement purchases, seminars, etc. This system is fully customizable to suit your gym’s services and products. 
 Nurturing Campaigns - The nurturing doesn’t stop once a web visitor becomes a member. Our 24+ month-long campaign automatically sends personal check-ins, movement tips relative to an athlete’s experience, follow up reminders, and referral opportunities to your athletes. 
 Canceled Athletes Reactivation System - Automatically sends canceled athletes a gift card to use within six months of their cancel date. SmartGym then sends a 20+ strategically crafted email marketing campaign designed to get past members to rejoin. 
 Athlete Referral System - designed for current athletes to automatically refer friends to your gym. 
Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile View
Our responsive websites are compatible with any device your visitors are browsing on. 
Facebook Retargeting Pixels
We add your Facebook pixels to your website pages so you can retarget website visitors. Don’t have a pixel? We can create one for you so you never lose a lead again. 
Free Ongoing Support
Includes the following: 
 Website Hosting
 SSL Certification
 Security Updates
 WordPress & Plugin Updates
 Google Algorithms Updates
Meet Our Founder

Michael Matthes
Think about it: If you lost 15 athletes this month...would that put your gym in panic mode? 

Are you running on fumes? 

Is the nonstop work grind of owning a CrossFit®™ Affiliate burning you out? 

Are you always struggling to get new athletes in the door or keep existing ones around long-term? 

If so, I can help you. 

I have owned CrossFit M2 in Findlay, Ohio for over a decade now. 

Most CrossFit gyms don’t last three years, let alone celebrate a 10-year year anniversary. 

I successfully built my gym in a tiny farm town in Ohio to a multiple six figures a year in revenue and exited the day-to-day operations. 

I currently live in Miami Beach, FL, and my gym in Ohio generates consistent profits month after month. 

I achieved all this while being a solo owner and owning 100% of my gym. 

I am not sharing this information to brag about my success. I am sharing this information to capture your attention because...
...I have something extremely important that can change your life and your business. 

I know this because it has already worked for many other gyms.  

Before we dive deeper into exactly how I can help you, it’s important you understand how I got here…

I started my gym training people for free in exchange for testimonials. Some of my first real clients were paying me $10/session, but it seemed like all the money in the world to me at the time. 

My client base grew, and I wanted to grow more. I leased a building and needed to increase revenue to cover the expenses. 

I started reading every marketing book I could get my hands on. I listed to podcasts, attended events, and took multiple online courses. 

You see the truth is, my gym never transformed into a “real business” because of my technical fitness knowledge. 

Prospective clients often didn’t care that I had all the technical knowledge of fitness training. 

Clients just wanted results. 

Once I learned how to sell fitness and market my services, my business exploded into a multiple, six-figure-a-year cash-generating machine. 

My marketing strategies allowed me to build my 6,800 square-foot gym, packed with Rogue equipment, 10 employees, and positively changed thousands of people lives in my area. 

My passion has evolved to helping you, the gym owner. 

I understand the pain and struggle we gym owners face when trying to grow our gyms. 

I’ve been there. 

I want to fix the fitness industry and make being a gym owner a respectable profitable career path. 

The ability to learn and build marketing systems had the single biggest financial impact on my gym’s success. 

Now my heart has guided me to help you finally get paid the money you deserve and gain your freedom in life back. 

I started SmartGym in 2018 somewhat by accident; it was kind of crazy. 

I was on vacation in Florida, and my wife Nadya and I dropped into CrossFit Miramar Beach. 

The gym owner Cody needed help with marketing, and his gym was struggling to reach their goals. 

I took all the marketing skills and strategies I used to grow my gym, CrossFit M2, and built it into SmartGym. 

I implemented SmartGym for Cody at CrossFit Miramar Beach. 

His gym exploded in less than two months! 

Cody gained 20 new athletes in full-time membership packages and increased his drop-in sales by thousands of dollars! 

Years later, SmartGym has countless amazing testimonials from other CrossFit Affiliate Owners. 

Now my vision is to help 500 Affiliate Owners utilize SmartGym to manage their marketing and grow their businesses. 

SmartGym will become the global standard for gym marketing and automation services. 

SmartGym provides gym owners with all the tools they need to be successful, starting with our website, automated marketing software, podcast, blog content, and our Business Coaching Mastermind Program for gym owners. 

If you feel like you're struggling and frustrated with your gym right now, it’s okay. You’re not alone; I’ve been there.

You can escape working 80 hours a week. 

You can escape the late nights and early mornings.

If I did it, you can definitely do it. 

You must do the work to implement the changes, tools, and systems you need to grow your gym. 

It starts with action, and I am here to help guide you along your journey to success. 

SmartGym is for the gym owner who wants to open another location, exit their business, go on more vacations, retire, or move to another part of the world. 

Our goal is for you to have more freedom and time in your life.  

Here's what you can expect from us at SmartGym 

 We want to make sure you have the inspiration, guidance, website, marketing software, and tools you need to build a highly profitable, cash-generating fitness business. 

SmartGym will help you:  

 Increase revenue into the high 6- and 7-figures
 Break free from the day-to-day trap of working 24/7
 Step away from your business and have a cash generating asset
 Turn your website into an automated sales team
Automate annoying, repetitive manual tasks

Contact Us: 

Call: (786) 910-9692

Email: michael@smartgym.io

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